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We feel that clothes that look their best, make you feel your best. Our Dry Cleaning Service:

  • Takes care of your valued garments
  • Utilizes dry cleaning products that are skin friendly, odorless and non-toxic
  • Offers a cleaning experience with highly advanced facility with latest and cutting edge equipment
  • Treats dirt and stains aggressively while being gentle with every single fiber of the fabric leaving clothes cleansed and feeling new
  • Present the best customer care with experts attending to your garments


Do you dread ironing your shirts on a Sunday evening? If the answer is Yes, then Laundroville is the right stop for you for a perfectly clean and give your clothes a crease free finish without the hassle.

    • We give extra attention to ironing clothes most especially shirts.
    • Our pristine shirt laundering service will keep your shirts crisp and crease free.
    • All garments are inspected before being returned to you and either folded or on a hanger as per your preference, ready to wear.


The fact is, ironing is a chore. Most people hate it, others simply don’t have the time or cannot achieve their desired standard.

    • Our professional and reliable pressing service get your garments back as good as new.
    • All ironing is hand finished with the entire process taking place in our back office in a clean environment.
    • We have a press only service used by customers who have delicate items that have been hand washed at home or laundered using a washing machine.
    • We use modern pressing equipment.


Does your garments have food stains, Mildew or odors?

    • Our expert laundry assistants will inspect your garments and consult you on restorative methods available to you.
    • One of the undoubtable advantages of our dry cleaning equipment is its strength in dissolving grease and oils


We are aware of the challenges our clients face when their favorite items of clothing suffer from a fallen hem, worn out pockets or even a tear in the sleeve.

  • We have a repair and alteration specialized service for garments that might need more than laundry
  • Our in-house tailors repair tears, replace zips and buttons as well as re-sew items for lengthening, widening or shortening
  • We provide a quick turn-around time for most items with more complex jobs taking longer


It is just like going to the Laundromat, except, we do all the work for you.

  • We offer our Wash-Dry-Fold (WDF) laundry service to replace or supplement the washing process you might otherwise do at home.
  • The WDF service accommodated special preferences for laundry and is part of our Pick-up and delivery service
  • Using the finest detergents, clothes are separated by color for washing, drying and are then folded ready to be delivered


We know that natural oils in suede and leather can, over time, harm the texture and the look of garments if not properly cared for.

  • We have skilled professionals that are experts at handling and cleaning complex fabrics such as leather and suede.
  • As well as leather and suede, we handle sheepskin and fur, giving special attention to detail to get your garments back to you as good as new


Our Bridal services guarantee wedding outfits are dry-cleaned and steam pressed before and after your big day.

    • Our bridal services include our Order, Collect, Clean and Deliver service for steam pressings, clean preparation and presentation for your big day; from groom suits and weddings dresses all the way to the attire for your wedding party.
    • With the use of effective cleaning agents, our service includes the collection of wedding garments after your big day to give it back to you beautifully restored, ready to be passed on or kept for memorabilia


We understand and respect that your wardrobe is a critical investment.

  • Our skills professionals are trained and experienced in the cleaning of couture garments.
  • Before cleaning, garments are inspected to ensure the best method is selected for cleaning and spot removal.
  • All buttons, hems, embellishments and trims are inspected and repaired if necessary.


Home accessories are just as important to keep clean as your clothing is. Towels, bathmats, table clothes, napkins, cushion covers, rugs, carpets, pillows, throws, curtains, drapes, etc. are treated with utmost care. We have the experience needed to give these items the attention they require and deserve and will exceed your expectations, returning your household items in the best possible condition.

Since many household items are large and cumbersome, take advantage of our Free pick-up and delivery. Our experts will come to your home to pick-up your Curtains or other household items and will deliver them freshly cleaned